Our classes are divided into 3 categories; Apparatus, Fitness and Conditioning, and Skills.

Visit our timetable here to check which classes and programs are being run in our current session.


A 4 week introductory course where you will learn foundation body movement, footwork and tricks. This class is for everyone with an interest in pole. The objective in this class is to give you basic technique and expose you to all aspects of pole fitness. There are no physical requirements or prerequisites. Small classes and personal attention will ensure you have a fantastic experience.



Our 4 week introduction to silks class is designed to teach you your basic knots, climbs and shapes. We work on both dynamic and static elements to give you a starting point in aerials. This level is achievable for most people. Our aerial classes include a strong focus on flexibility and strength building.

This 4 week course will give you the basic skills you need to straddle, sit and master basic poses. We learn a number of single shapes through the course, but by the end of the 6 weeks we are well on the way to stringing them together into sequences. This class is for everyone with an interest in learning hoops. Our classes include strong fitness elements to prepare you for the coming levels.


These levels designed to introduce you to more complex foot work and start you moving confidently and freely around your pole. These 8 week courses use tricks and footwork to start building combinations. Inverts and handstands start here, plus a splash of choreography. We also include strength and conditioning components. You must have beginner’s competency. You’re stronger than you think.


Designed to use all of your pole components to form free style and choreographed dances. It is aimed at perfecting our intermediate acrobatics, while encouraging individual style. We learn more complex acrobatics and their variations. Focus on footwork/acrobatic sequencing for the serious poler. You’re addicted to the challenge.


A course for dedicated pole lovers involving complex move sequences and acrobatics. At this stage movement should be fluid and confident, acrobatic sequences are involved often with inverted components. Not for the faint-hearted! This course has a focus on developing personal style and self expression as well as perfecting techniques. When you dance, nothing else matters.




This level starts into single foot locks, as well as more complex wraps. we work into more variations of static skills, as well as start linking our skills together in fluid transitions. You will start to feel capable and confident in your climbs. Enjoy the challenge. Every class includes  a warm up, dynamic stretch sequence and body conditioning exercises.


This level starts to introduce variations on grips and mounts. We build onto the basic shapes we learned in the introductory level, and focus more on sequences of movement. We really aim for fluid movement and good control so your core is sure to get a great workout. Oh…and get gloves. Hoops are bitey. All aerial classes incorporate traditional fitness elements.


This is not a pole class. This is a class designed to help you gain the strength and flexibility you need to get serious about your dancing. Focus on ab and upper body strength and lower body flexibility. This class is held in our aerial studio, so its also a fun way to ease into aerial silks. Very complimentary to any pole and aerial fitness course.



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