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Get Floored

A floor based exotic dance class that delivers an equal combination of fitness and sexy. Learn to slither and wriggle your way through some enticing movements and get in control of your own body. This might be something you’re interested in to captivate your significant other and we applaud that. You may just want to learn this style because you enjoy feeling sexy for yourself, and you want to harness your feminine power and learn to work your sensuality. Whatever your motivations the fact is it’s sexy fun fitness – and that’s what we’re all about. Fitness with a fun factor. Join in

Get Flexi

Improving your flexibility is one of the best ways to feel better in your own skin. Whether you’d like to touch your toes for the first time or work into the splits this class will help you achieve your flexibility goals. Many people want to improve their flexibility to assist with activities – their pole, aerials or other dance styles and that’s fabulous… we can help with that.

The truth is you just FEEL better when you’re flexi. You MOVE better and your body feels more in tune with itself. It’s an informal, relaxed and social atmosphere to get flexi, get moving, get fit. Join in.


Wiggle and jiggle your way to fitness. Using dance class warm ups, commercial choreography and cardio components. We want you to get sweaty, and laugh your head off while moving your good self to groovy tunes. We’re not preparing you for a showcase or a concert – we just want you to dance for fun.

Our DanceSexy classes are made up of different types of choreography classes including TwerkFit, Chair, Heels and GetFloored.
Dance to express yourself and of course to get fit. Suitable for absolute beginners all the way from through to dancy dancers. More fun fitness bought to you by Fly Studios. Join in.

Abs & Arse

A high intensity cardio and resistance workout combining pilates elements and dance tracks. An all over body workout focusing on your tummy. and legs and bum. If you survive the class you are almost guaranteed to leave cuter than when you arrived!

Plié and tendu your way to sexy pins and a perky tush while you sweat up a storm with your pals. This class isn’t for the faint of heart, but if there’s any such thing as fun cardio, it’s got to be Abs & Arse. All sorts of fun stuff at Fly. Join in.



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