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A little less OM and a lot more FUN.

It’s yoga…  Fly style!

Using a yoga trapeze with handles, Fly Yoga incorporates traditional yoga poses with upper body work and inversions…all in the air. Life is more fun upside down, and that’s a fact. So why not rediscover your love of yoga in an aerial hammock!


Like all of our aerial fitness classes, Fly Yoga is designed to work even the muscles that you didn’t know your body had. From your core to your upper body and your flexibility. But the biggest benefit of aerial yoga is the relief on your spine and joints, which begin to relax as you hang, reducing pressure and joint compression.

Fly Yoga is suitable for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Our yoga trapeze equipment is rated up to 100kg and the movements are adaptable to suit a variety of skill levels. As the hammock supports some of your body’s weight it can help take the pressure off knees, wrists and your spine.

Let’s be honest, if something isn’t fun, you probably won’t keep doing it. That’s why we believe that any sustainable fitness class needs to be fun. So while you’re getting your feet off the ground we ensure our aerial yoga classes are full of support and a bit of laughter, all within a relaxed social atmosphere.



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