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HoopFit is the ultimate combination of gymnastics, acrobatics, and resistance training… and it’s fun to do!

HoopFit is a fun exercise & fitness method that helps you lose weight while gaining strength, flexibility, and agility. HoopFit brings the visual beauty found in the art of aerial acrobatics, gets your feet off the ground, and turns it into a highly effective workout.


Like all our Aerial Fitness classes, HoopFit is designed to work even the muscles that you didn’t know your body had. By combining strength training, gymnastics style cardio moves, acrobatic tricks, and stretch based poses, HoopFit increases core and general body strength by using the body itself as resistance, while toning the body as a whole.

HoopFit is about what your body can do, not how it looks. We nurture a body acceptance culture that strives to build a positive relationship between our students and their bodies that may have been depleted by societal pressures. Our students are empowered to appreciate their body for its ability, and focus on what it’s capable of, regardless of what shape it comes in.

Let’s be honest, if something isn’t fun, you probably won’t keep doing it. That’s why we believe that any sustainable fitness class needs to be fun. So while you’re getting your feet off the ground we ensure our HoopFit classes are full of support, laughter, with a relaxed social atmosphere.



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